Friday, 17 April 2020

My second daay of lockdown school. By-Harley

Today I had a meeting with my class on google hangouts. After I did some writing on this creative app called Sumdog. For morning tea I had two hotdogs with tomato sauce on top. For art I drew marks on my gta map so I know where everything is. Then it was time to do some maths so I did  more of Sumdog it was really fun.Then for lunch I had yep you guess it MORE HOTDOGS!!!!  After those delicious hot dogs I did some reading I read amulet. My second day of lockdown was really fun i can't wait till tomorow!


  1. Great reflection of the early days of lockdown Harley...what does your average day look like now?

  2. HI there Harley, I loved reading your blog today. First you made me hungry, I could almost taste those hotdogs! Then you explained what learning from home looks like. Finally you made me laugh out loud when you had more hotdogs for lunch. I'll be back to read more of your blog but right now I'm off to make a sandwich! Awesome job Harley.