Friday, 18 September 2020

Aroha's Way

 Aroha means love, today I'm going to the beach to see my friends. We were all playing tag around the beach. I was feeling happy until they left for the day. I walked over to the water and looked out at the sea.

 As I sat by the water I began to feel sad. I have never felt like this. My body began to shut down. My face was turning into a frown. The sky got dark. the seagulls were coming outand it started raining. Like tears down my face.

I started thinking positive. My hair flying with the wind I hear the waves crashing against each other. Then I get up. Wiped my tears take a deep breathe. Then walk home into the sunset.

Monday, 14 September 2020

Iron Tamariki


This is a picture of me swimming in an IronMaori race. I drew this on google drawing as part of a reading activity from the story Iron Tamariki by Paora Tibble.  
If I was doing this race I would feel really nervous with all the people competing.

Wednesday, 9 September 2020


This book 'Mophead' has inspired me to write about bullying and how bad it can affect people.

Yesterday after school, when everyone left, my parents and I went to a restorative justice meeting. 

As the bully approated us I began to feel more and more nervous. He sat down looking scared. I could see the sweat that was starting to drip from his face. My face was a stern business face. His face was a nervous face. I could hear the clock. the time was going slowly. I walked out feeling like a freespirit again and not isolated. The bully said sorry and I accepted it. I hope I will never get bullied like this again and to keep that smile on my face. I now feel joyful and energised knowing that my voice has been heard.


Tuesday, 25 August 2020

Monsters: Kraken

 This week my reading group and I read  about all kinds of monsters around the world. My favorite monster was the Kraken which is a monster that is a big giant octopus. Sailors feared Kraken because they would sink passing ships with their big tentacles.  

Friday, 7 August 2020

Famous Faces.

On the front of every New Zealand banknote, there is a famous face. Each face is of a person who has done something important for New Zealand (and sometimes for other countries too.)

Tuesday, 28 July 2020

My experience doing student math

My experience with student math was fun and enjoyable playing Go Fish and Snap.  I also learnt some times tables.  The tables we did were 2, 3, 5, and 10.  We also learnt some new tricks like say for example in the 3 times table and you had 54 you can tell because you can add them together so you have 5+4=9.  I really enjoyed these games and learning new things.  If I could I would like to do something like this again.

Friday, 24 July 2020

The blood yard

The blood yard

The little boy woke up to people all around him. He felt like this was the end. When he  was lifted onto the stretcher he felt a big pain in his leg.

Just before they closed the ambulance doors he looked back to see blood all over his front yard. The ride to the hospital was short with the paramedics doing all they could to stop the blood. All of a sudden he wakes up and is lifted onto a bed, he goes past bright lights and starts to lose consciousness. 

The surgeon cuts his leg open to clean the wounds, his heart starts to fail and he needs resuscitation. Before his loving caring soul leaves his body he comes back to life. Five hours later, at 2:37 in the afternoon he slowly awakens. He sees his little sister and mum beside him. Mum says, “oh thank heavens you’re alive.” The boy says “thanks mum I love you and Becca”. 

Thursday comes and Becca and her brother head home, now a bit scared to play in the front yard.