Tuesday, 3 December 2019

Monday, 14 October 2019

Tuesday, 24 September 2019

The treasure box

The Treasure  Box

I see people on the ground. I look up I see a gray sky. I try to hide but my legs are too weak from the bombs. People crying not knowing what will happen next. As I walk away from my home I remember all the good memories from my childhood. People running I hear gunshots being shot at my family and friends. A part of my body wants me to turn back but the other doesn't. 

I don’t know why my village was bombed. We think it’s the Russians. Maybe it’s because we didn't let their people stay in our village because there was no more room. Any way we should move on the bombers might follow us.

I remember a lot of memories from my childhood. My most valuable memory was when Dad and I went fishing. We caught 23 fish most were mackerel others were cod. I would love that sweet cod that dad would cook for dinner. 

I wish mum was here. Something tells me she’s okay. I don’t know where mum is I just know that she left my dad when I was 3. Nothing can remember her in my brain. Dad said she left because she had enough of him.

Dad says he doesn't feel well I try to help him but there's nothing I can do. We are trying to find a Dr but there is none I grab dad and say I love you. Dad whispers back and says it will be okay. The next morning the other villagers help me bury dad.

Some of the villagers say “leave the box behind.” I move on and leave my suitcase behind. I say to myself I won't let you down dad as a tear drips down my face.

The villagers and I get to another village and I find an old linden tree. The village said this is the oldest tree here. I bury the box thinking it will be safe here as I grow up to live my dream of being a builder.

I don’t know if that box is okay I’m going to go see. I see it, the old tree! I see a little girl and I hear her singing. The little girl helps me dig the box up. We sit and read the book together.

On the way back to my village I stop at dads grave and say “I kept my promise father and I love you.” I went to the library, and  ‘wow’ my old village has been rebuilt. I go into the library and put the treasure...the book, in a place where it will be safe

And loved….

Friday, 6 September 2019

Friday, 23 August 2019

The treasure box

I can see people keeping their children close to them. My nose can smell the bombs from the explosion.
I can smell the diesel from the jets as they drop their bombs on top of us.
People are crying for their family. People are scared for their lives,

As I walk away from my village I see people and blood. I
’m walking a long distance and my feet are hurting.
I see people in the distance. Its a village they are crying we are talking to them.
They say some soldiers have bombed their village too.

We find another village. People getting food and running out to my villagers.
They are joining us as we all find a place to hide.

We leave the village and hide in a cold, dark cave. 
I think, what if we could go to the old boat house deep in the forest.
We are tired we can't remember our way out times.
We keep nice and quiet as there are soldiers outside looking for us.
We get food in the night time when all the soldiers are asleep.

 My feet really hurt  as we search for the boat house in the dark.
We finally find it and pull the old boat out into the water.
We begin to row the boat to safety around the other side of the island.
There are alot of things I feel right now but mostly
I feel so lonely, like an orphan, with no dad and no mum.