Wednesday, 4 November 2020

Alma The Sequel

Alma The Sequel

Alma gets sucked into the doll. She feels nothing, she can’t move, Alma starts to panic feeling this “I'll never go home.” She gets emotional not knowing what to do. Another girl walks past finding a little piece of chalk on the ground. Picking it up and she writes her name on the wall. ‘Kerry’ is her name. Kerry turns around to see herself in the shop window. 

She starts banging on the door “nothings happening” she says. Kerry starts walking away a grin on her face clutching her hands. Then the door opens with a creek. Kerry starts to smile and runs cluelessly back to the shop. The door slamming behind her. Alma sees her and tries to move but she’s not working.

Alma has an idea and asks everyone to scream and say get out as loud as they can and hope she hears all of them. All the dolls start screaming. The girl was scared, her eyes grew big and she walked back slowly. 

Kerry starts thumping on the door. She pulls the door but it's not budging. She finds a chair from the manager's office and tries breaking the window on the door. The window shatters into the snow. Kerry runs out panicking down the road. Alma thinks and says to herself “I made a mistake, I couldn't save myself but I can save others…”

Alama hopes that Kerry might be able to save her and the other dolls.







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